I wish for my paintings to be more than merely pictures on a wall. In my attempts to challenge the traditional concept of art locations, I create exhibitions in public or private settings such as in the city streets, shopping centres and unexpected places within people`s homes, to name just a few. 


3rd March - 10th March 2017  a site-specific exhibition of my paintings was shown in this undercrossing in Ålesund, Norway.  Photo: Ingeborg Refsnes

Remote Exhibition

The Beast on display in Ålesund shopping centre. Photo: Ingeborg Refsnes

The traditional gallery is a neutral space where an artist may investigate and explore any topic or artistic challenge. However, the confinement of the gallery can also appear somehow limiting. As a paintress, the space of expression lies within the edges of the canvas. There is also the exciting possibility of working with the space around the canvas as well as exploring the dialogue between the canvas and the space within the artistic concepts. 

Promised Land 
The project Promised Land was a collaborative exhibition between Lorraine Aaron from Scotland and myself from Norway. The exhibition was held at Kube Art Museum in Ålesund. Our work explored the concept of “identity” touching upon national identity, symbols of identity, immigration and transition. 

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